Make Art Not War

February 2, 2011

Watercolors and Sharpie. This painting was inspired by a lot of Bansky art which deals with war especially ‘Peace Soldiers’, it is also sort of an update on ‘Colour Soldier’ (see Rainbows). I guess the colourful background represents peace while the hard black tank represents war and the leafless tree represents the results of war. Bansky’s art is always thought provoking at least for me and although this isn’t graffiti i tried to take some of the elements from that onto paper (black stencil style tank). Art like music can mean different things to different people, and people are usually satisfied with there view on something and as egotistical as it may sound i tried to create something that goes beyond, something that isn’t just pleasing to the eye or superficial but something that can have a deeper meaning. I think i’ll leave it at that let you make up your mind on what you think this painting will mean to you.


2 Responses to “Make Art Not War”

  1. newt Says:

    this is so cooot. in fact more than cute.
    it’s art.
    this isn’t just any art.
    it’s blue clementine art. 🙂

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